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Over here you will find resource links and templates and fonts and...well, just lots of stuff that we think will be of use to your business communication strategy. Feel free to help yourself to the stuff herein and we welcome any suggestions on specific resources you would like to see here as well.


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General Resources


iLoveLanguages - Your Guide to Languages on the Web
A one-stop shop for foreign language resources on topics such as language, literature and linguistics.

Free Chinese Fonts

A directory of 6,700 languages and 39,000 language names with detailed information on each country, its population, and languages.

FLEFO (Foreign Language Forum)
The old CompuServe Forum having been killed by CompuServe itself, an independent forum has been established in its place. There's also a FLEFO group on Yahoo.

The Human Languages Page
A well-organized, extensive list of language-related sites. The author spent a considerable amount of time combing the Web for language-related sites, providing more information than could possibly be used in a lifetime.

The Language Realm
A great site that includes an excellent series of essays about the profession and the people in it, entitled Translation as a Profession by Prof. Roger Chriss.

The granddaddy of mailing lists for translators. See the guide/FAQ, and the archives.

National Capital Language Resource Center (NCLRC)
One of nine federally-funded language resource centers. The mission of the NCLRC is to serve as a resource to improve the teaching and learning of foreign languages. It fulfills this function by providing material resources and professional services that derive from its activities and projects.

The National Language Conference
A call for action by members of government, academia and the language industry to make the United States a truly language-competent nation. Papers and proceedings are articulate and available for download.

Professional Guidance Publications: Getting Started
The ITI publishes a number of informative documents about getting started in the profession. Especially useful for newcomers.

Translation Directory
A portal of links and other information (but no directory of its own!). Especially useful is the listing of discussion groups.

The Translation Journal
A rich publication of interest to translators by translators about translators and translation. Includes an archive and index.

The Translator's Home Companion
The Translator's Home Companion serves as a focal point for translators and the people who use them. A great starting point, providing a wealth of links to other translation-related sites.

Translator & Interpreter Resources
Tons of resources for Translators and Interpreters from the Institut für Übersetzer- und Dolmetscherausbildung der Universität in Innsbruck.

The Translator's Site du Jour
Swedish Translator and confirmed Web junkie Susan Larsson has a page featuring a few sites each day that may be of interest to translators.

WTB Language Group Article Centre
A translation company's white papers, including some interesting client educational material as well as articles of interest to translation companies.

Yahoo Human Languages
The Yahoo Social Sciences site, including some natural language sites. It has a searchable engine, and even the stuff only vaguely relating to translation is interesting.


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Advertising & Marketing Resources



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Books & Publications


Kodansha International
Online site for ordering Japanese language books and resources.

Kinokuniya Singapore /
Kinokuniya Bookstore’s online website for ordering Japanese language books in Singapore.

Adler's Foreign Books

DawnSign Press
Though this company concentrates on ASL methods and supplies, their online store features a series of training videos and DVDs for all kinds of interpreters.

Grant & Cutler Ltd.
The catalogue is available on their Web site as a downloadable PDF.

i.b.d., Ltd.
In addition to selling print foreign language dictionaries, i.b.d., Ltd. also has a service to rent dictionaries.

John Benjamins Publishing Co.

Publishers of those big yellow dictionaries.

Language Today
From the Logos Group and Praetorius Limited.

Multilingual Computing & Technology
Both the Magazine and the Webzine can be accessed from this portal.

Schoenhof's Foreign Books

Schreiber Publications
Numerous publications for translators, including The Translators Handbook.

The Translation Journal
An excellent publication of Translators by Translators about Translators and Translation. Includes an archive.

Two Lines
Publisher of Two Lines: a Journal of Translation.


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Internet Resources for use in Foreign Language classes
Internet4Classrooms is a collaborative project developed by Susan Brooks and Bill Byles. It contains links to various foreign language resources.

Foreign Language Teaching Forum
Online resources for teachers of foreign languages such as German, French, Japanese and Spanish.

Yamada Language Guides
a definitive guide to language resources on the World Wide Web

Singapore Ministry of Education (EduMall)
Language learning resources.


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Overseas Chinese Education (China)
A website targeted at teachers and learners of the Chinese language outside of China. Besides covering vast topics of the Chinese culture and language, this website also provides digital resources that enhance teaching and learning.

xuesheng leyuan (China)
A website for a wide audience such as children, teenagers, teachers and parents. It provides inspirational stories, jokes, riddles and brainteasers for young minds. CL teachers would probably find the content on developing pupils’ writing skills useful.

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Japanese Language Resources
Houghton Mifflin's Japanese Language Resource page contains resources designed to assist both instructors and students of Japanese.

Japanese Resources
Links to Japanese literature, language, media and other Japan-related sites.

Japanese Language Learning Tools on the Web

Kanji Networks
An online etymological dictionary of Kanji characters compiled by Lawrence J. Howell and Hikaru Morimoto.

Related WWW Servers for Japanese Language
A collection of resources for Japanese language learners. Contains links to hiragana, katakana and kanji.

Pera Pera Penguin’s 5 minute Japanese class by Hitomi Hirayama
This column is a conversation class for learners of the Japanese language. It is carried out once every eight weeks in Tuesday's Language Connection of The Daily Yomiuri.

Japan Foundation
The Japan Foundation aims to promote Japanese language education, Japanese studies and cultural exchange between Japan and the rest of the world.



Sogang Korean Language Programme
Sogang University’s Korean language programme. Provides you with tips on Korean grammar usage while you listen and learn.

Korea Foundation
The Korea Foundation aims to promote various academic and cultural exchange programmes between Korea and the rest of the world.

Online Korean
Seoul National University’s interactive Korean language learning website

Has a fun multimedia VOD site that teaches you basic Korean conversational skills.

Arirang’s “Let’s Speak Korean” programme has advanced level Korean lessons in VOD format. You need to create an account first before you can view.

KBS World Radio
“Let’s learn Korean” interactive site contains flash cartoons with dialogues in Korean and gives you a variety of options to listen to the dialogue.

Korean through English
Basic Korean language lessons provided by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism (Republic of Korea)

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A basic course on Bahasa Malaysia
Basic Malay words and sentences compiled by Goh Peng Joo


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Alchemy Catalyst
Corel Catalyst has become Alchemy, and is now in version 4.0.

If you are a project manager, this localization project management training company's site may have some articles and tools of interest to you.

Facets of Software Localization
A terrific introductory article from a seasoned localizer, Per N. Dohler.

Localization Industry Standards Association (LISA)
As their name suggests, these heavyweights set the guidelines for the industry. They have recently published a preliminary set of ethical guidelines for the industry and are requesting public comment on them.

Localization Resource Center
A very rich site with articles on localization and links to tools for localization. They have a mailing list if you wish to receive the PDF magazine, or you can download back issues. You can also become a member of this organization.

MSDN Going Global
Microsoft's localization resource. Includes a handy search engine for the site. The section on character sets is especially well-presented for people grappling with this issue.

Support for multilingual research, with lots of links to other resources.

Standard format for extracted text, translation and NLP tools.

Localization tool from, formerly IBS Software.

Silicon Valley Localization Forum
A Magellan 3-star site promoting translation services, translation tools, developers, professional translators, linguists, international organizations, publications, and more.

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Professional Organizations & Associations


Association of Accredited Advertising Agents

Institute of Advertising Singapore


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Reference & Terminology - The Language Site
Free online foreign language dictonary.

popular web portal in Korea has a variety of dictionaries.
Select 영어사전 (English to Korean dictionary).’s guide to Malay dictionaries
Links to online Malay-English dictionaries and glossaries.


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