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Ms Hong Yin Yin, a science graduate of National Taiwan Normal University and Head of Chinese Division of Bilingual Services, has extensive experience in Chinese writing and Chinese/English translation.


She has worked for five years in a financial and legal translation firm as Director of Translation. During her tenure, she undertook many important projects on business, financial and legal translation. She was also responsible for compiling and co-writing three books, including ‘English/Chinese Investment and Financial Terminology’ and ‘Confucius On Leadership’ – A compilation of interesting stories in the Spring Autumn Era.


As a mother of two lovely kids, Carol believes a balanced life can be achieved with focus and dogged determination. She strongly believes that it is never about sacrificing one for another, but a deliberate mature response that desires nothing less than excellence on what she commits and focuses on doing.


Words from Yin Yin


ôLife is colourful and magnificent. Many times, we enjoy them with blissful contentment and reflect upon ourselves the true meanings of living. So are languages. They are like the vast universe which allows you to explore and experience the breathtaking scene."


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